Dr. Breana Prince is a certified physical therapist in dry needling, and the Lee Silverman Voice therapy for Parkinson’s Disease. She developed and taught continuing education in the treatment of cupping for myofascial release. She studied at the University of Colorado Boulder under the Evan Scholars caddie program where she was picked along with 40 strangers to live in a house for 4 years rent and tuition free, like a scholarly “Real world”. She returned to Phoenix to attend Franklin Pierce University. She has a diverse background in golf, skiing, cross-fit, gymnastics, and treatment in chronic pain including women’s health.


Time and persistence. She believes in the influence of our whole body, including our lifestyle as a factor in our pain or movement dysfunction. Treatment should not be a one size fits all approach or an isolated view of the body part in question. Having the freedom of an hour one-on-one with a Doctor of physical therapy has been a game changer in how people respond, and the longevity of results that occur. It’s a frequent anecdote that a patient states that they had some relief in the past but the pain would quickly return a few days later. She has found that when we look at the whole body and isolate faulty movement patterns is where the treatment “magic” begins. She believes in the persistence in finding the root of the cause and believes that treatment session is truly an ongoing evaluation.

Limitless Physical Therapy is changing the way physical therapy is done. We don’t need Physician referrals, deductibles to be met, and you want get a bill later that is more than what you expected to pay. We are able to treat you with your entire body in mind, to determine what may be the cause of your symptoms. Working to find the cause of your symptoms lead to more lasting results and help to prevent symptom re-occurrence. We have the best modalities available including cupping, dry needling, and functional tissue work.
What is out of network? In most insurance plans there are percentages in place that they pay directly back to you by attending physical therapy. Most plans have much higher rates that physical therapy is charged as and a small percentage goes to the clinic. In an out of network clinic the rates are set for the insurance company. You are able to spend the entire treatment with your therapist and you wont be passed on to support staff.