Myofascial Cupping (MC) is a unique treatment that uses suction to lift tissue as the cup is placed by the physical therapist to decompress underlying tissue. The cups come in various sizes depending on the treatment area. Four theories exist on how MC produces changes to soft tissue mobility:

  1. Improved localized circulation and tissue hydration.
  2. Break down of scar tissue by mobilizing collagen fibers in the fascia.
  3. Decompression of connective tissue that has become dense and thickened.
  4. Activation of receptors in our muscles that increases response of the nervous system.


It should not hurt, you may feel a light pulling sensation at most. It may look funny or painful however an experienced physical therapist will know proper placement, intensity, duration, and will adjust according to your tissue response. There is a methodical reasoning in the approach with cupping treatment and should be performed by a licensed physical therapist to ensure safety and proper application parameters. if cupping is selected to be used during your treatment based on your evaluation, it will be a part of the treatment approach and works great in conjunction to other treatments during your session. Think of it as a great ingredient in a meal but not the main course!